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    Low libido 6 months after PCT

    Man, itís been a long time since Iíve posted on here because I usually find the answers I need from other members posts. I came off cycle in September 2019 and still have not gotten any increase in libido after nearly 6 months. I can perform, but my erections arenít as strong, desire is down, and its difficult to maintain erections still. This is a complete 180 versus before I went back on cycle. Def feeling depressed occasionally, extremely unmotivated, numb to emotions, and low energy, however Iíve maintained a lot of my strength and weight from being on. Regardless, the lost libido and low energy has me now considering going on HRT as itís been affecting my life, and I lost a job opportunity because of my mental fog and loss of enthusiasm.

    I finished this mild cycle ending in September of 2019. It had been about a decade since my last cycle. I ran compounds that I responded to nicely in my 20s, and have run them in numerous cycles. Now at age 34, I found that I reacted completely different to these steroids than when I was younger. I struggled to maintain E2, was extremely gyno prone, and plateaued after week 5 gaining no strength Because I couldnít manage my blood levels and failed to get blood work done. I tried to manage it with AI and discovered the horrors that is Arimidex (thanks to GearHeaded for all the great posts on this subject, I now suspect I am test sensitive). The arimidex caused ED, and for reasons I still donít understand, made me extremely prone to injury and muscle tears. Shortly after suppressing my E2 using the dex, I suffered a minor pec tear, and then pulled a ham string a few days later, all while feeling like total dog Shit. I also noticed i was cramping a lot too, does anyone know why the AI made me injury prone?
    Anyway, I finished my cycle and pct which Iíll outline bellow. I have not pulled post cycle bloodwork and have made an apt to do so. I know, I should have pulled blood work routinely, but I never had any issues when I was younger using AAS.
    My main reason for this post is - will my libido return? Is there any post pct extended use of a SERM or AI to help mitigate the problem? Iíve never had a hard time bouncing back from a cycle before, and itís always been a positive experience for me, not this time. I just want my sex drive back!

    600mg Test Cyp week 1-8
    500mg EQ week 1-10
    Dbol week 1-4
    75mg Anavar week 6-12
    100mg Test Prop eod week 9-12

    Hcg first week of pct
    Nolvadex 40/40/20/20/10/10

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    Low libido 6 months after PCT

    AI might have dried you out, mixed with not drinking enough water could make you injury prone..regardless, drink a liter of water before you hit the gym.
    As far as your problem, get blood work!!!!
    Find out what's really going on..If you wanna feel normal it's 1 cc of test away but that's completely your choice at your age trt will come fairly soon anyways if you wanna keep cycling..

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