Hi Austinite,

I've been reading through your posts on pubertal gynocomastia reversal here on steroid .com. 26 years old, had this mild gyno on my right side since like 18 and lately the left side started catching up for some unknown reason while the right side looks like increasing slightly in size.

Before trying to run Raloxifene 60mg, I went to 2 endo doctors to try and convince them to write me a prescription for this drug and run it under their supervision. They had me run full hormonal panels which all came out fairly decent especially the last one. Did 2 ultrasounds on my chest, right side showed a mild case of gyno as I already knew, while the left side didn't show anything even thought I can feel and see that it catching up with the right side.

Hoped the endo would be on my side and write me the prescription for at least a month to see if we can try and fix this problem via drugs. Turns out he wasn't, he said the case is mild and even if I wanted to take the drugs wouldn't help because the gyno is couple years old, he said if I want to I can talk to a surgery doctor to have a minor visual fix. He said he doesn't want to take responsibility for possible side effects occuring from running Raloxifene such as a stroke or venous trombosis because thats a risk he is not willing to take for something that probably can't be fixed via drugs at this stage.

I really don't want to have the surgery Austinite, I still have a slight hope that Raloxifene can help my case even though the gyno is from 18 years old. Now it means I will have to purchase Raloxifene myself, and run it on my own risk without any doctor supervising it. I guess I'm prepared, even though I know that most bodybuilders take SERMS and they are just fine without any adverse side effects.

I was hoping if you can give me some insight on this and maybe some motivational words if I should go this route and try it or it's completely worthless and a waste of time/money in my case here. I know you have a lot of experience and knowledge with drugs and I can talk to you directly about my issue.

Also, I'm looking for an online international source for Raloxifene, not sure if It's against the rules but maybe you can pin-point me to a location I can look at for.

Thank you so much,
Best Regards.