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    PCT and gyno - 10 years out

    28 year old male who stupidly took 50mg Dianabol a day for 30 days when he was 16 because a gym bro said so. Big regrets.

    I haven't touched gear since but have got progressively worse gynecomastia and now surgery is my only option.

    1) I want to get my hormones in order pre-surgery, to avoid any reoccurrence. What blood tests should I get and what am I looking for?

    2) anyone got any experience with reducing gyno this far after a cycle?

    I really don't know what I'm doing do thanks in advance!

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    Interesting thread, I hope someone answers this.

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    Post a pic

    If u have gyno/growths, under the scalpel u go

    And, get some BW

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    I also have similar issues with extreme sensitivity and growth of gyno. Can you clarify what BW is and do you have any other recommendations for getting levels back on track to prevent further growth and sensitiv

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