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Thread: Denkall d-bol?

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    Denkall d-bol?

    it come with 3 sponge and fresn pack inside and as a plastic rap with hologram! need help
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    to be honest with you i have never seen d-bol come in a bottle, they usually come in a bag or blisters. also d-bol is usually pink or white, never seen blue before. may be some fake shit

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    I have same stuff.. havent used it yet though...

    I thought you gained like 10lbs.+ off of that stuff??? Why you still think its fake if you gained that much???

    See if label matches up with

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    You're good to go bro.

    I have the one, same batch number, etc...

    As you probably noticed, the expiracy date on the website is 07/04... but don't worry... it's an error they made... I emailed them and told me this was an error from them, they just don't update the website really often...

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