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    I just got a hold of some dbol they are pink stop signs and they have a design of a snake with arrow through it. I was wondering what the dosage is because my buddy said they were 10mg but i saw a picture of the same ones on this site and the bottle said they were 5mg i got mine in a zip lock bag so thats why i am am asking. I will post pictures later on because i dont have a camera on me right now. Do those type of dbols come in both 5 mg and 10 mg?

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    From my experience, they only come in 5mg
    if they're good you'll love them too !!

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    Those are 5mg I've used them before, just make sure they are a solid color and don't have any dots in the tablets but they are good quality tho. Just have to take alot of them to get ur daily dosage.

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