Samir Bannout - 1983 Mr. Olympia (His Best Ever)

Samir Bannout a.k.a The Lion Of Lebanon. This was the year he finally put everything together. His condition, size and shape was out of this world. Samir took his back to a new level never seen before. His traps, lats and the famous christmas tree that he is known for was far too much for his competition. His proportions and balance was that of a Greek statue. Samir beat out may greats at this contest such as Frank Zane, Lee Haney, Mohamed Makkawy, Bertil Fox and many more. Samir was also one of few men to beat the great Lee Haney throughout his career. Samir won this contest and solidified his spot as a Mr. Olympia winner and is considered by all of his peers and fans to be a Legend Of Bodyuilding!!!