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    Below average Brazilian bodybuilders

    The only great bodybuilder in Brazil was Eduardo Corrêa who competed for Mr. Olympia alongside Flex Lewis ..
    Due to bruises , Eduardo Corrêa is away from the Stage of Mister Olympia, which led the Brazilian bodybuilding to decay !!I want to make clear is, because international bodybuilders have better physiques than Brazilians ?

    Many Brazilian bodybuilders make excuses.☝

    Many brazilian bodybuilding fans claim that international bodybuilders are better because of more potent drugs!!I do not agree!

    For me what makes international bodybuilders better is the knowledge.Unlike the Brazilians, who have not even learned to crawl !!!

    That's why I have in mind, to live out of Brazil. I want to move to England, and get a good baggage in bodybuilding. Well, I'm finishing this topic here, hugs blacksmiths.: wg:
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