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    Steroids are bad ummkay?

    Schering enanth......??

    I have some schering enanth. with no dots on the upper half of the amp, with a white ring instead of brown or black. glass is brown. exp in red at bottom. Sound familiar at all? I have no good reason to doubt this is real but just want to check any damn way!!

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    IMO, all Schering brown glass ampules from Spain should be AVOIDED at this time. This includes Testaviron (enanth) and primobolan . (Unless your source has stellar history of refs/and repeat biz, etc.....I do not wish to offend those w/ rare connects at this time.

    With that said, bro, you may have the pakki version and it sounds as if a factory original!!! See Bouncer and Dutch to confirm absence of the "dot".

    I know you did not ask but to optimize your potential satisfaction and comfy cozy sleepy nights, this route shall pay dividends for you, IMO:

    Only Schering Turkish produced amps should be purchased currently. No confirmed fakes to my knowledge. Yes 3-5 USD per pop more expensive, but worth it if even considering the "original" methenolone enanthanate formula!!! No comment on German lotes! Proceed with caution, IMO.

    Let me addresss your enanthanate need. IMO, you will be satisfied with the cost vs. results factor of the new Iranian enanthante or Galekina ICN formulas in raw comparison to the "king" Schering TV (Turk).

    And finally, one last safe buy is the "rebirth" of the Schering Primoteston (250mg enan). I cannot provide any details as I thought these were long gone. These may be unique to the UK at this time?? Anyone? Many UK bros capitalizing on this oppt'y to satisfy pesky athletes across Europe!! (lattee anyone?)

    With the plethora of Spanish TV fakes, Primoteston formula will be a popular buy....IMO, a chance of slight price increase to mirror increase in demand. Already 1-2 USD greater to my observation.

    Peace out

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    Spot on Planet

    Spanish versions are very dodgy lately that i the main reason probably the Iranians are most seen (in Holland)

    The Pakis have no dot on them.

    About the primotestons they are hardly seen overhere but maybe in the future

    Speak soon my friend

    Regards D.W.

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