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Thread: qv deca-lot #??

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    qv deca-lot #??

    recently came across qv deca 300mg/ml 10ml.

    i went to the website to check batch ## and all the deca batch ## expiration dates date to 2002 only.

    is it that they need to update their website.

    because the deca's expired in 2002 but some of the products expired in 2004.

    what's the deal? is it no good?

    the box and vial have the halogram on it so i do not know what to think.

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    hey jacko,..this is the second thread you have put in the steroid picture room, and your asking a question not posting a pic hmmm.... anyway please bring these questions to the steroid question room for better results,.... good luck man

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    All the new QV deca has lot# & expir dates that havn't been updated. All my stuff is good with the newer Lot#s & expir dates that are NOT posted on their site.

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