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    Talking deca 300 tt ?? nice summer cycle

    I got some organon sus 250 redi's, and some dogface deca tt im positive on the redi's but the deca...??? any body done the deca?
    ive never used deca, the only bottle ive seen was much biger, the hollagram is there, thats a plus. Box looks good, numbers macth..Pic i took sucked, so drop a line if you used it....

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    I used the tt deca 300 and it HURT! It's good stuff I know, and it had the hologram, etc., but it was only 1 cc in my butt and it hurt for two days...same thing for my partner.

    But no pain no gain...

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    I used the TT D3 for 8 weeks and got Ok results. Held more water than Im used to. That with the Sust give you great results just try to get the water out.

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