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    Angry what the hells with theese primos i got??

    my source got me 13 amps of primo. and when i stand them on the table the amps are not the same size. some are longer some are shorter. and the longer ones even contain more liquid then the smaller ones do. the green printing on the longer amps is kinda scratching off when i look at my nail its green!!! what the hell is going on??? i wish i had a camera to scan theese stupid ass ampules. can anyone tell me what they know? yet the green printing on the smaller amps is not scratching off. but why the hell are they in diffrent sizes?? and why do the longest ones contain more liquid?? theres a measurement at the back of each primo ampule and its supposed to be 100 mg. all the smaller ones go up to 100 mg but the longer ones are over 100 mg geez. the amps are the same size same thickness but the head is longer. when i sit the small amp with the longer amp and look at the measurement... the longer amp contains more liquid. i dont get this!!! some one help. and yeah they are brown amps with a blue dot on them. spanish primos.

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    Post a Pic but sounds like to me some are fake.

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