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    Test Cyp 250mg 10ml bottle

    I have 3 bottles of test cyp. (each ml contains 250mg)10ml bottle.( 102014 Lot#102010)also contains Safflower,Benzyl Alcohol,Benzyl Benzoate from a company that dont like to be on forums.Thats what I got from researching on the internet.I seen 3 posts about the same company,its a UGL,I think.For some reason cant up load the pics from my cell.Like to put up the company name to see what you guys think of the test.I could put some of the letters maybe someone can recognize the brand:Pr***va Pharmaceuticals!Hope I just didnt go against any rules.I trust my connection but hey you never know.Been having awesome workouts & bench went up 25 pounds,maybe just pushing myself more because I know I am shooting test in my body.Been on about 4wks now & I know test cyp. takes about 4 to 5 wks to kick in.Your mind could play games with you when you know you are shooting stuff in your body.Hoping legit shit!Thanks

    6' 205
    45yrs old
    4th cycle with diffrent gear & source!
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