Just got some "Depo-Testryl" (Cypionate ) and was trying to find out where it came from.. I dont have a cam so I cant post ya much except that Its a dark dan 200mg / mL bottle; no holograms, light blue label that fades into white in the middle then back to light blue on the bottom of the label.
and address of the distributeur on the very bottom reads

Laboratories Dynamic
Avenue de Prvence-B.P - 7
13718 Allauch Cedex

Not to much english on the bottle except for the bold "DEPO-TESTRYL".. A friend said it came from Europe but I'd like to see if anyone one here would know or happen to have a pic of the same stuff I got.. If I see my friend sometime this week I'll try to take a pick with his and post it...Any help would be great, thx

I have also looked at ever boards AAS pics to see if mine match up with any but have had no luck so far.