Hello guys

Have you guys seen supplements line of IFBB Pro Robert Burneika? . He has his own radio and he talked hes a fan of low doses of steroids . He never said exact doses and his ph's are proprietary blends. Im not sure if I can post links here but Ill give a try: burneikasports.net/3-products

Check out Muscle test which is blend of dmz and epi and his newest supplement muscle var which is halotest 25 and tren -dione.

I'd like to know your opinion what do you guys think about that? Im wondering becuase he said PCT monster is enough for pct after Muscle Test therapy and I did some research before I posting this and most of guys had nolva on hand when they ran epi without dmz.

Is it worth to try Muscle Var? He mentioned that is a milder version of classic Anavar .