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    Auctus HGH - Real or fake

    I was 8 week into my HGH cycle when I had to look for cheaper supplier. I got Auctus Somatropin for 1/4 the price. 600 IUs for 1600 bucks . I am not sure if this is real or fake. How should I find out? The guy who sold this to me has sold me legit T and HCG in the past.

    Has anybody heard of Auctus? Do you think it's real?

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    Thats not pharmacutical hgh, thats UG whatever it is but its not hgh and buying test and hcg compared to hgh is a very different ball game...much much more companies make steroids and very few make hgh, real HGH. Sorry to give you the bad news but you should not have spent all that money on that stuff whatever it is.

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    Hey Buddy, Was thinking of ordering Auctus for a cycle. I see that you mentioned it here last march. Did you like it? What were your results. Would you recommend me ordering it? Thanks

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    the best would just blood test for hgh

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    stuff is currently bunk

    stuff is currently bunk. It used to be decent. Last batch came horrible...nothing ...bunk...pic are vacuum whatsoever....Auctus HGH - Real or fake-%3B.jpgAuctus HGH - Real or fake-thumbnail-1-i6i6.jpg

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