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    Ma-X-treme Methandienone Real?

    I got this from alphapharma .me. They ripped me off on some other gear I ordered. So I'm concerned about this stuff. It's 10mg tablets, blue color, shaped like hearts with a slit in the middle for cutting in half. IT has the scratch off thing. Not sure what to do with that. I've been on TRT for years. Just trying to bump up the gains. I have test cyp. Is this a good combo? Assuming this is legit stuff.

    Ma-X-treme Methandienone Real?-20170131_081254.jpgMa-X-treme Methandienone Real?-20170131_081303.jpgMa-X-treme Methandienone Real?-20170131_081316.jpgMa-X-treme Methandienone Real?-20170131_081329.jpgMa-X-treme Methandienone Real?-20170131_081405.jpg

    EDIT - The site listed for the scratch thing is down.
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    I believe its fake.. its from india.. my source warned me not to buy this.

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    Never seen one

    just google labmax test kit and you have your answer

    and no more guessing

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