I'm wanting to know what people think about this gear what I have bought.

I have been taking it for 14 days now. I've never had dbol before. But I've had sus and deca but only at 1ml each a week. I've been taking 30mg each day split into 3 10mg doses. Also 2ml sus and 2ml deca each week.

I was expecting to 'blow up' on dbol. But nothing much other than I feel a bit angry? Not sure why?

I know for the sus and deca to kick in if it's real will be at least another 2 weeks yet.

Can someone look at the pics n let me know if u think this gear is real or fake please

I took 50mg of dbol before workout the other day Just to see what would happen. No leg pumps or back pumps or anything I've heard of people saying

Let me know what you think

Also please ignore where the labels look like they have been pealed off. I did it myself


Sus deca dbol real or fake?-20170313_020123.jpg
Sus deca dbol real or fake?-20170313_020133.jpg
Sus deca dbol real or fake?-20170313_020148.jpg
Sus deca dbol real or fake?-20170313_020244.jpg
Sus deca dbol real or fake?-20170313_021031.jpg
Sus deca dbol real or fake?-20170313_021043.jpg
Sus deca dbol real or fake?-20170313_021056.jpg