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    Sciroxx Trenadex Acetate

    I need help from someone who knows this brand.
    I received one vial of Tren Acetate today, Sciroxx brand .
    I post you the pictures.
    Can someone tell me if they are original?
    The supplier has been verified on the official Sciroxx site and it's real.

    Sciroxx Trenadex Acetate-img_20180810_182442.jpg Sciroxx Trenadex Acetate-img_20180810_182501.jpg Sciroxx Trenadex Acetate-img_20180810_182515.jpg

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    Hey bud. I’m no expert. But I’ve been using sciroxx for the past 5-6 years up until the recently got shut down. I’ve had plenty of teen a directly from Israel. And I’ve never once seen a bottle like that. It’s usually a white label. And label is different than all the sciroxx I’ve ever had.

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