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Thread: expired deca

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    expired deca

    hey i recently stumbled on to a bottle of deca 300 my friend had laying around...the only problem is it expired in november of think it is still good or not? I told my friend not to chance it but he insists that it might still be good...let me know if anyone can help

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    I'd say its ok as its really only a month past but that would also depend on if it was stored properly.
    If it was sitting on a shelf up above a heater vent in the house than I would toss it but if it was kept in a cool place it is probably ok.

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    Still OK!

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    i had 4 bottles of ARATEST 250, one month expired, talked to my doc
    told me not to use it cos changes r u may get an infection, also losses
    its potency, i didnt listen to him the stuff is real good so i injected 175ml ed 4 weeks till i noticed my bi's real red and very painful which i couldnt workout
    for a while, had to take some antibiotics and up to now still have the problem
    but less so , its up to u bro u can prolly get away without problem or suffer
    a problem good luck if u deside to do it later.....

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    Howdy Muscles,

    It's still good. Its back to the produt liability bit. Its still good for about 6 months. They just don't want to get sued if you had bought/used it for legit reasons, so they bak the date up 'bout 6 months. Its just standard practice.

    REM could have gotten an infection from a dirty needle, or anything. I dought it was from the Aratest just because it was 1 month out dated.


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    Take it bro..

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