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    Gaining quick power in a short time? help!

    I'm 15 year removed from competing in the heavy events at the highland games...throwing heavy bascially.

    I want to try and develop greater explosive power in order to throw farher, and do so in a short amount of time.

    My weights in the gym are good, plenty heavy...i.e. 295x6, 315x4 on the bench, 275x6 on the incline. Where I am weak is in the explosion part of the equation...I need more speed, power, quickness.

    So, if you have some good training tips for the gym or the gear, please respond.


    Have access to A-50, Winstrol , Deca , and Test Cyp...currently on Deca and Test long term 300+200 per week.

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    The A-50 will help. I don't think Winstrol will help you much though. As far as training, invest in some bands. Use them for squatting, benching, and deadlifting. Focus on exploding out of the bottom and driving through the band tension to completion. Use 50-60% of max for 6x2 for squats, 6x1 for deads, and 6x3 for benching. Plyometric training will make you quicker as well.
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    Err, how about explosive lifts in the gym. Examples: high pulls, cleans, push presses, etc.

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