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    One chest bigger than the other, what is the best solution?

    BAH sorry wrong forum. delete it pelase-

    Hey guys,

    I'm noticing that my left chest is getting bigger, to be more specific the upper left chest.

    It is not a lot, but you can tell the difference, I have always had a little more strength on that side, but I want the right side to catch up.

    I'm training the chest once a week, I'm just aiming for bulk now.

    ¿What should I do? A lot of people say , "Only use bars", others tell me I need to work only that side, bla bla bla, and I'm getting kindda confused.

    Thanks for any tips.

    PS.- I'm starting my 4th week of 250mg sust/ 200mg bold, today.
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    use dumbells for a while, worked for me. your cycle dosage is very low esp for the EQ. whoever said only use bars is a moron. you can also do a couple extra sets on the iso and only use the smaller side
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