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    working out at home

    I was a member of a gym since i was 13 (YMCA), then i joined Gold's Gym a few years ago. Now i turned my garage into a gym. I have dumbells from 15's to 110's. i have a lat machine and lots of bars (trap bar, chambered bar, regular bar). i also have a flat/incline bench (not for bars for dumbell). With this equipment how can i train legs. I want to increase my deadlift.


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    Do you have a low pulley on your lat machine or a power rack/squat stands?

    DL Movements:

    Lo Cable DL, Romanian Deadlifts, Trap Bar DL, Extra Wide Sumo DL, all varities of Good Mornings, Box Squats, DL Standing on a platform, and rack/block pulls.


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    You can always squat while holding dumbells, or loading up a barbell and holding it out infront of you, or doing a hack squat wher you hold the barbell behind you.

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