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Thread: Tbol over Dbol

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    Tbol over Dbol

    Powerlifter mate of mine who has been cycling for years says to me that Tbol is better than Dbol for powerlifting.
    Says the gains stay around longer after a cycle, don't retain as much water as Dbol and has less sides ?

    Any thoughts ?

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    Youre friend is mostly right. Tbol is actlually a dbol without estrogenic properties and without water retention. Final gains should result in regards of diet and training but sheer power gain while on cycle of tbol should be more stable and what you gain you keep littlle longer over time vs as dbol as it would generate greater spike in energy (due to higher e2)and you would bulk up more with more bloat and spike in e2 but eventually you loose all that and should be left pretty much with what tbol would provided you over stretch of its cycle. Also keep in mind everyone responds differently so it may be very good compound for one while it be poor for other

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