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    Good powerlifting exercises with kettlebells?

    I use the 2 x 24 kg kettlebells to train at home. Could anyone advise me good exercises to increase my bench press total at a gym, please? Not only exercises with kettlebells will be appreciated.

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    Bench press will increase bench press. Lift heavy, rest longer and do more sets. 5x6 is common. Kettlebells are cool but they will not do much for the big heavy lifts. Turkish getups are a great full body exercise with kettlebells, but I doubt it will help with any other lifts.

    Try floor presses. Where you’re laying on the floor and doing presses, either dumbbell or barbell.

    Are you just trying to impress the bois at the gym? Why do you want home exercises for increases at the gym?

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    If you can, decline db or bb press.

    No exersize activates the entire chest quit like a decline. In fact when you see power lift benche presses, you notice the extrene arch, chest up, resting on traps? That's to turn the regular bench press into as much of a decline as legally possible

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