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    Ms O/Fitness O results

    Ltwt and overall: Juliette Bergman
    Hvywt: Iris Kyle

    Ltwt 2nd: Andrulla Blanchette
    Ltwt 3rd: Dayana Cadeau

    Hvywt 2nd: Vicki Gates
    Hvwt 3rd: Yaxeni Oriquen

    Fitness O winner: Susie Curry
    2nd: Jenny Worth
    3rd: Kelly Ryan
    4th: Adela Friedmansky
    5th: Timea Majorova
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    Holy shit!! Maybe Juliette won because she had all the judges in her pocket....up until this year that is how she made her an IFBB judge What do you say you agree with the results?

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    When I saw that Bergman won, and overall at that, I thought "Hmm that's typical." I'm not belittling her win, but she's been away forever and bam she wins overall.

    Primo what do you think of the placings? I heard you were there.

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    It is quite suspect that she wins after all this much for paying your dues...although maybe she just paid her dues as a judge.

    Iris Kyle had some insane conditioning...Valentina looked unbelievable...but i think i said this somewhere else...she was just too small compared to everyone else...although last year wasn't much different (with her physique)...the difference is that the top 3 (vicki, yaxeni and iris) this year came in with a little less muscle, and a bit better conditioning and she (valentina) couldn't be compared to them.

    Regardless of that, IMO Valentina has the type of look the judges SAY they are looking for...don't know how she would have fared if she had lost the 1-2# and dropped down to be a ltwt.
    What happens here, stays here

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