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    uk/ south east
    i love that first pic seen it b4r shreded

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    FULLY NUDE!!! me!
    that was one of the hardest working muthahfukahs when it came to workload of total sets and reps... and to top it off, the guy said he literally sqeezed the livin hell outta every set of every rep.

    gotta hand it to em, that is some hard earned and extremely well developed muscle.

    I'm with ya on that Dr.Shred, that dude looks fukin WICKED

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    Mr Shred

    Gaspari took the concept of dismorphy and made it so marketable that he used it to bridesmaid to Haney at least twice (maybe three times) while winning many pro shows i.e. Night of the Champions (Damn if New York dowsn't love a New Yorker to win).
    Genetics for mass are good wrt height but he has a full waistline and in his later years tried very very hard to increase his overall mass and maintain the vascularity and muscle striations. He was successful yet the downside was/is that his waist/shoulder differential was very very tightly controlled. Thus 3cm around the waist blew it out enough that his symmetry took a hit. Like Platz he took a specific ideal, in this case not a bodypart but a contest "condition" and made it "his".

    Haney had better General Mass (Gaspari most likely had a better MM due to stature), killed him in symmetry and was generally a better poser. But, there is always a but, you could NOT ignore the dragonslayer (I think that was one of his M&F nicknames). His physical condition was ground breaking and he literally dragged the entire PRO bodybuilding ranks (some kicking and screaming) into the 90's with the expectation of being "shredded".

    A fantastic part of BB history and someone with true grit. He sure didnt have the "genetics" where people said "Hey! you should be a BB!" and he sure showed them different.

    Wherever you are Richard ... I know your still lifting.
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