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    2008 MR. OLYMPIA HIGH QUALITY PICS You May Not Have Seen Part 1 !!!

    Great pics from the Top 12 at 2008 Mr. Olympia where Dexter Jackson dominated (his best look in my opinion) and Phil Heath making his Mr. Olympia debut by coming in third.

    More Pics -----> 2008 MR. OLYMPIA HIGH QUALITY PICS (Drag pics to new tab and it will open to original size)

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    Need desperate help and advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I been on 3 weeks of juice sus 250 and deca !!!!!!!! I been injecting each once a week mondays and fridays !!!!!!! I would like to know when to start pct and what i should be taking !!????!??!?!?!?!??!???!? I weigh 185lbs 5 10 im 24 yrs old and this is my second time on gear the first time i never did pct and lost everything due to an injury =[ .. Please any advice on pct and supplements i should be taking besides vitamins and liver / heart / prostate stuff ??????????????

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    Where they take my ass
    First year I bought a bodybuilding mag haha.

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    Dexters traps... Holy...

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