Kevin Levrone - 1992 Mr. Olympia DVD PICS!!!

It's the year 1992 where Kevin Levrone entered the Mr. Olympia and was the surprise of the contest by being the runner up in his Mr. Olympia debut. Kevin displayed the best Shoulders, triceps and quads in the show. He was shredded from head to toe. Ripped hams and glutes accompanied by striated quads and triceps. A rear lat spread so wide he could fly and one of if not the best hands clasped most muscular of All - Time!!! In my opinion this was Kevin's best display of mass and conditioning in his entire career. Some say that he should of been crowned the winner as Mr. Olympia instead of Dorian Yates. You be the judge.

Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

More Pics -----> Kevin Levrone - 1992 Mr. Olympia DVD PICS (Drag pics to new tab and it will open to original size)

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