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Thread: Confusing names

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    Confusing names

    God I hate to show how green I am, but I have been attempting to read as much of Pheedno's PCT as I can, and I think I understand a decent amount of it. Only thing is I believe the only other name for L-Dex is Arimidex . Unfortunately neither are on ar-r .com. I was hoping somebody could point me in the correct direction on this one. BTW the PCT I am referring to is
    "Day 1-30- .25mg L-dex + 100mg Clomid + 20mg Nolva"

    Also, if their is no l-dex is it illegal? what else should i get because I pretty much have to get it online seeing as I goto school in south carolina and my connects are in NY. I know some people would say letro but I have been reading up on it and supposedly it isn't really that great as it will lower the nolva by 50% in the bloodstream and increase the body's cholesterol highly(bask8case citation). So if I can't get the l-dex from ar-r, does anyone know of another research site where it is available. Also, in the above link it says that Aromasin is probably the best to use, so if that is possible to procure I would get that too. Why are these compounds not openly available at ar-r, is their different laws between them and letro? Thanks and this is the best board i've seen, so I'm sure there will be some good answers

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    liquidex=arimidex =anastrazole. clomid=clomidiphene nolvadex =taxomifen.

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