Iíve been using clen very successfully. Occasionally, I do get cramps on my back but not so terrible that I donít run, although I may have to stop and message a few muscles here and there. I had to momentarily leave my lifting program because that that sís when the cramps happen most. But now sex too?

Yesterday, I was getting the best head in a long while. And the moment when Iím about to ejaculate, I literally thought I had been stabbed in my lower abs. (I had my eyes closed, so yeahóI thought I actually got stabbed.)

And when I did actually ejaculate, oh boy.
The best orgasm became the worst.

Whatís going on? Iíve been eating potassium rich foods. Is there a way to use clen without getting cramps? Because it is helping me a lotÖ In one week, Iíve seen a huge difference in localized areas such as love handles and chest.

But after what happened last night, I think I may abstain from sex for a little while. Until Iím off next week.