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    GYNO --- letro/nolva question..

    so my nipps are sensitive, lil puffy, and i just milked myself (kinda)..i start PCT tomorow...nolva should be able to control this since i just noticed it right?

    should i just order letro now or wait till a week after nolva? If i should i run both?

    i noticed little puff and itch on previous cycle but went away after nolva....

    tips anyone?

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    yeah id get on the nolvadex ..

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    I would go ahead and order the letro and keep it on hand regardless, its good to have in your arsenal and you never know.

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    i was told by members of this site not to run nolva and letro together not sure why , start a thread and someone with more knowlege than myself is sure to shed light on the issue

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    start taking the letro at .5mg and taper up to 2.5mg and stay there for about a week than back so in .5mg stages (.5, 1, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 for a week, and back down.....after using the letro be prepared for an estrogen rebound so start nolva at 20mgs for about 2 weeks

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