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    order NOT recieved

    Please reship asap. I hooked my friend up with your site and he hasn't received his order that was placed on nov. 24th. This was th reply he rcd a few days ago.

    Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 16:53:47 -0500
    > From:
    > To: 1rdz1@****.com
    > Subject: Re: Enquiry from AR-R
    > Here's your track 9101010521297529542472 If you don't get it in the
    > next couple of days let me know and I will have it reshipped.

    My order came in fine but he needs his own sh*t so he can get out of my locker you dig? BTW the post office is saying that they haven't recd a package to ship although the tracking number is valid. In other words it was printed but the package never made it to them.
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    hey higherdesire, he will get it but it might take sometime. they wont rip u off, there good for it, i know it took a few days to get my stuff to. not to be rude but putting the enquiry and track # not safe for everyone else who uses that p[lace cause u know anybody could be on here. just a heads up............

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