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Thread: AR-R and pins

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    AR-R and pins

    I've never used any of AR-R 's products, but am planning on possibly placing an order soon, so I guess this post is two-fold.....

    From searching around, it seems like the consensus is that members are happy with quality and service, but maybe that level of happiness has started to drop lately? Any insight on where the "trust" level stands right now?

    Also, it doesn't look like you can get slin pins through AR-R? Did I just miss them? Thanks in advance, guys!

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    Well, I'm not satisfied right now. I ordered on the 15th, and even with the holidays added in... I should get it by now. I'm not sure if it's Lion's fault or the mail, but I'm seeing a lot of complaints.

    If I had seen them earlier, I would have either waited and see... or not ordered at all.

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