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    Liquid letro Question

    I have had a bit of gyno for about 10 years now. It was cycle induced, no lumps but very puffy nips. I am very sensitive to gyno, my nips get scratchy from just taking a dhea supplement.

    So I started the liquid letro almost 4 weeks ago. Saw a little improvement at first, defiantly reduced my water retention. Strength has not gone down, mild joint pain. I have seen my best results in the last week. My only problem is that I am almost out.

    Ive ready that it takes up to 3 weeks for letro to stabilize in your blood, thus my best results are coming now.
    Should I order another bottle and continue my dosage for what will probably be another 3 weeks to wipe everything out, or should I cycle off and then do a second cycle in a month or so?

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    order more. Magic32 just posted something talking about needing much longer dosages for gyno that people think, up to several months. keep taking it straight till condition improves, then take it longer.

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    keep going with the letro

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