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    How much lectro to stop gyno?

    Hi, so far I've had a total of one cycle under my belt. 500mg Test e per week for 10 weeks. My nips started to hurt during PCT, and I had no letro (stupid) to do anything about it. So now, 3 weeks later I have the letro and some marble sized lumps that Im trying to reduce in size.

    I am looking at another cycle in another 2 months (time on = time off right?) of test e 500mg P.W but I would like to know how much lecto should I run while on gear to prevent more gyno?

    Age: 22
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 82kg at 12%

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    Turncoat, in the search engine type in "ALL you need to know about GYNO" written by C_Bino. I'm currently on his "off cycle" Gyno reversal protocol with Letro and Nolva right now. He will explain what to do while on cycle (in your case)

    Easy with the Letro bud, it is some powerful stuff. GOOD LUCK

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    letro is very good for gyno problems, you may also want to look into exemestane for your next cycle, especially is you have gyno problems.

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    All you need to know about GYNO:

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