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    Question Hell yeah! Order received today, but.....Mix up??

    Alright so I received my second lot of chems from you today. Order # 200048960
    First up I just wanna give you guys mad props on the fast delivery out to Australia, Pretty stoked with that!

    OK so I signed for the package down at the post office this afternoon. Couldn't wait to open it up there was no signs of customs having tampered with the package It all seemed good, until I got home and busted open the box, at fisrt everything appeared to be there: 2x Keto check, 1x Clen check, 1x T3 check.........1x Clomi?? huh...............No Albut???
    So yeah it seems that there has been some kinda of error that's taken place with my order or something cause I've ended up receiving Liquid Clomi instead of the Albuterol that I'd purchased.

    Could you give me any insight on that brother, what's up? where's the albut at??

    Kind regards.

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    BloodHound33, thanks for the heads up, since we can't communicate via PM, please shoot an email to My email is the fastest way to get stuff like this figured out, verified, and corrected. Thanks my friend,

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