I figured this would be pretty important since most of AR-R products are liquid. Since I'm a Nurse I figured I could contribute some knowledge and hopefully safety to the forums.

This is called the "Desired/In-hand" dosage calculation.

We'll use ar-r clen as an example (200mcg/ML)

You would want to take your desired dosage (20mcg,40,60,80,etc) then divide that amount by what you have on hand, which in this case would be 200mcg. After you divide those number you then want to multiply the number you got by the ML per dose which in this case is only 1. I'll make a couple of examples later on of how this can become very important. Below are samples of the equation that I describe above for ar-r clenbuterol .

20mcg/200mcg * 1ML = 0.1ML

40mcg/200mcg * 1ML = 0.2ML

60mcg/200mcg * 1ML = 0.3ML

80mcg/200mcg * 1ML = 0.4ML

100mcg/200mcg * 1ML = 0.5ML

120mcg/200mcg * 1ML = 0.6ML

Now if you had some sort of liquid medication that was at a dosage of 200mcg/5ML you would need to change this equation just slightly, but without using this step you can end up wasting your product. Below are a couple examples.

20mcg/200mcg * 5ML = 0.5ML

100mcg/200mcg * 5ML = 2.5ML

If you didn't multiple by the provided dose per ML you would end up only taking a 1/5 of the desired dose which would more then likely just be a waste of a perfectly good product all because you didn't do the correct math.