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    AR_R customer rating

    Just wanted to Give a positive review of Ar-r .com customer service. I order through their web a couple times now, got my orders promptly, everything went very smooth, I had a couple questions for their Service dept. they got back within 24 hrs, just depended on when I shipped off the email. So if that is a concern to anyone making up their mind ordering from them, they are dependable in that regard. Ill post more after time has passed on effects of product. Cheers.

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    Thank you for the accolades.

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    I've used ar-r for years now and still love them.

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    They have done right by me for quite some time. I got screwed by another rc company with a bunk ai several years ago now. Ever since then I havent looked back. I stick with these guys ever since. Its been nice getting bw back showing where my ancillaries are always legit.

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    The better news is that their products are just as good as their service if not better. I dicked around for a while too before I just started using these guys exclusively for my stuff. One of the best moves I have made.

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    Arr has good product and I have never had a problem with delivery.

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