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    Card won't go through on R U I's research chemical website... (i.e. Lion)

    I have been trying to place a new order on R U I's research chemical website... (i.e. Lion) and cannot get my card to go through. It pops ups that my bank is declining it and I need to call and have them authorize it. I called the bank and they said it was declined due to the country the charges were originating from being blocked. My last order was in October and didn't have this problem. Any help getting around this would be greatly appreciated...

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    I havent had an issue yet myself, but I do see they have "bitcoin" now and a couple of my friends have used that for buying things. you could try that maybe? or tell cc to let it through and no need to be flagged?

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    I'm having a similar issue. When attempting to close out the order I receive the following error message:

    "Please check your credit card information. If you continue to receive this error, your card issuer or bank may be declining the transaction. Please discretely contact them and ask that they allow your card to be charged. Charges may appear as VIP_MEMBER_BIZ on your statement."

    I have called the credit card company 5 times and get the same answer, they are not declining any transactions because none are showing up. The account is in good standing and will permit international charges.

    Just to be safe I have tried 3 different credit cards, 3 different browsers, 2 different computers, and an iPAD. I get the same error every time. Last week I sent an email to customer service through your website explaining the problem and have not heard back.

    I tried to send a PM but you have them turned off.


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    Bumping old thread....

    Same here. 3 cards, same message, bank says it's fine on their end....

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    Think this thread should be deleted now?

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