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    Talking crazy meals that taste good!

    how about this. i make enough white rice to last at least 3 days. so for breakfast i take a half a cup white rice (cook) put in a skillet with some olive oil and garlic , add 3-4 whole eggs, mix together and cook then eat yummie. sometimes i add low fat mozzarrella
    cheese too. protein and carbs all in one!

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    anada cool, kwik, easy meal

    do u non-jewish guys know matzah?? hows this for a nice, quick, easy meal:

    take 1-2 matza and break up thoroughly
    add 2-3 egg whites (and 1-2 yellows, if u are bulking for example)
    add 2 scoops of a good tasting, heat resistant protein
    add lotsa cinammon
    mix up until it forms a soggy clump (add milk/water if its too dry and doesnt mix but not too much, it has to be almost pliable)
    add some equal (if the protein is not sweet enough )
    pour the clump into lightly oiled or non-stick pan
    when it has formed a solid, thick pancake like structure, turn it over

    there we go! you can add anything depending on dietary restrictions eg. honey, syrup, sugar free jam etc.

    its pretty much like french toast using matza, but cause u are breaking it up u can add the protein powder to make it a complete meal! one large fry up using 2 scoops protein, 2 eggs with 1 yellow and 2 matzas = 45g carbs, 45-55g protein, 2.5g fat

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    Great idea guy's

    Great idea guy's. I hope you do not mind but I moved the thread to the reciepe section where people might be able to find it a little better.
    I never considered eggs mixed with rice feelinfit. ALthough the carbs might be up a little this early in the morning I think that I am going to have to give it a try.

    I'm not up on my jewish quizzene however I am going to have to try your reciepe as well xenithon.
    Thanks .

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