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    alevok Guest

    I discovered a delicious way to prepare oatmeal

    This is for the people who do strict diet.
    I excluded milk and diary products from my diet.
    This is how I eat oatmeal every breakfast. I cook 100gr oatmeal in a non-stick fry pan (no oil of course) cook it till they get brownish (I love the burnt taste), I add sweet&low and voila. I drink a protein shake with it. A healthy way to eat breakfast.

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    sounds diffrent i might try it , usually i just cook the old fashion way and gulp down as fast as i can

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    1-1/2 to 2 cups of raw oatmeal in your protein shakes is the easiest way to go. 710-860 calories in the morning

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    on the pan...yummy. i mix protein powder in it and cook it on the pan...little splenda...mmm hmm, blow a little something...mmm hmm throw a little somethin. the bird man dead

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    This is really a good idea alevok. I moved this to the reciepe section in the hopes that if anyone needed a good idea for preparing oatmeal and did a search, it would be easilly available for them here. Thanks again for the tip. Sounds really good.

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