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    Pork chops on the forman grill.. any suggestions?

    hey gang,

    ANyone have any ideas for boneless pork chops? i have a bag thawed out but i dont know what to do past throwing them on the georfe forman grill..

    any help?

    thanks yall

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    Ok I am going to post this and I just gave a big speach about no pork ect ect but in light of the fourth of July comeing up I hope that my peers will find it in their hearts to forgive me this one time.

    First off how thick are the Porkchops?
    If they are thick enough ( and if not you can just trim down the sauage a little) Cut them side ways until you get just past the mid points.( Picture it like you are felaying a fish) Get some Polish sausage or Italian sausage and cut them into about 1" strips. Now split them in half, stuff a couple into the two halves of the pork chop.
    Now take the open end of the pork chops and clamp them shut. You can useually find small metal clamps for this in your local grocery.
    If you do not have clamps secure the sausage in the middle of the pork chops with the best means at your dissposal.

    Now bar-b-que the suckers with your favorite bar-b-que sauce. The juice ( I hate to say grease here) from the sausage will flow into the pork chops as they cook. This will give the pork chops a flavor like you have never expereinced. When done you can remove the sauage and eat it seperate or with the pork chops themselve.
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    just throw a pinapple on top as it works with any meat and the juices will seep into the meat while on the grille. mmmmmm good!

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