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    Oatmeal And Cereal Ideas?

    Hey guys, how about some good ideas for playing with my morning oatmeal or cereal?

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    Add to your plain oats...1 tbls of "Brown" Sugar Twin (Nutra Sweet, etc...) and 1 cap full of maple extract...Voila "Maple and Brown sugar oatmeal.

    Can also add to plain oatmeal a handful of raisins....or better yet a handful of blueberrys.

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    That sounds good Pete

    I was going to suggest adding a little cinnomon to your oats. You can also add some apple spice. And as Pete already mentioned fresh fruit can livin up your oatmeal to. My personal favorite is adding fresh blueberries. You can try adding some of your protien powder to it BUT you may have trouble with adding the recommended scoop fulls as this may make it a little to dry BUT if it does just add a little more water.

    PS:Or you can try adding some tuna fish. (Ok, I'm joking here, salmon is much better mixxed with oatmeal anyway!)

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    I always add a sweetner, scoop protein and a tbsp of natty p/b. I love it this way!

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