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    Cobb Club Sandwich

    Wheat bread, toasted 3 slices
    Light mayo 2tsp
    Turkey breast sliced 1 oz
    Hard boiled egg, sliced 1/4
    Green leaf lettuce 1 leaf
    Tomato, sliced 2 slice
    Alfalfa sprouts 2 tbls
    Bleu cheese 1/4 oz

    Spread mayo on two slices of toasted bread
    On one place turkey and egg
    Top with second (plain) toast
    On that place lettuce, sprouts, tomato and cheese
    Top with toasted bread with mayo

    You'll end up with a a triple decker sandwich.

    Cals 307
    Fat 10g
    Carbs 40g
    Sugar 2g
    Protien 16g

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    "Hard boiled egg, sliced 1/4"

    You know, as long as I've been eating this way, you'd think I'd know that would be an excellent way to add a significant boost to the protein content of a sandwich; not to mention if you leave the yolk in, it could kinda replace the mayo given the fat content. Never even thought of it. Awesome sandwich recipe by the way!

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