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    Turkey Day Brine

    It's that time of year again when we get to see that crazy aunt or the drunk uncle that we get to see once a year! but better than that we eat!!...more like gorge ourselves on this once or twice a year treat (but we HAVE to have lots of lean protien, right? at least that's my excuse) After trying brining I will never go back! I have tried many different versions and all have turned out great, this not only does turkey but chicken and pork both benefit from this method. Heres a basic brine that I use. A brine is simply a seasoned salt-water bath that the turkey soaks in for 6-12 hours prior to cooking. The brine adds some flavor, but most importantly provides a chemical method to keep the meat tender and juicy while cooking.

    Raw whole turkey
    5-gallon bucket, preferably clean
    1-pound of kosher salt, yes 1 pound, the recipe actually calls for more (3#) but I find bringing it down doesnt change much.
    1 tablespoon of whole black peppercorns, whole peppercorns can be expensive, you can use cracked black if it's cheaper
    2 gallons chicken broth (water mixed with bouillon cubes is fine)
    1-gallon ice water
    1 whole bunch fresh thyme, torn roughly
    1 whole bunch fresh oregano, torn roughly
    1 whole bunch fresh sage leaves, torn roughly
    1 whole bunch fresh marjoram, torn roughly

    To Make...

    1. Clean the raw turkey and remove the neck and giblets.
    2. In the bucket, combine the cooled (room temperature) broth with the ice water, salt, pepper and fresh herbs and mix well.

    3. Place the turkey in the bucket, breast side down and cover the bucket. Leave it sit somewhere cool, I usually use the garage (unless it's summer time obviously).

    4. After at least 6 and no more than 12 hours, and prior to cooking your turkey, remove the bird and rinse it with cool water, then proceed with your cooking prep

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    Looks real similar to mine. I add pepper corns and a 1/4 pound of sugar to mine as well. Its amazing what a little osmosis will do for poultry...and pork for that matter. Ok, and beef too, especially if you're making pastrami.

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