What's up every one I would like to share my chicken recipe that I been eating for quit some time now , I tried many chicken recipes and I have to say this one taste the best plus it's easier to prepare . Anyway let's get going so what you will need is lean chicken breasts boneless ofc , wash it down with some cold water " never wash chicken,meat or fish with hot water!!! " then pour some flour on the chicken as it helps make it smell better then wash it off again , trim the fat off and finally drench some vinegar on them and again wash it off with water . Bring a big glass bowl place your beloved chicken breasts in the bowl spray some cinnamon on top " feel free to use your favored spices but make use no much salt in them " I usually use just cinnamon , black pepper and maybe some tabasco . After that bring the mustard draw a line using the mustard on each chicken breast then bring a small spoon and rub the mustard over the chicken breast close the bowl using a foil paper , place it in the oven for 30 ~ 50 mins check on it using a fork or knife when the chicken is done remove the foil paper and keep the bowl in the oven for 5 mins so it's gets more roasted . Hope you try this and enjoy