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    morning pre cardio beverage

    So I am sure someone has probably already done this but it just came to me the other day.
    I do my cardio before work in the morning and unlike some of y'all I cant do fasted cardio cuz I will pass out... I need something for my stomach to gnaw on while I am burning cals...Another dilemma is that I need to have my cup of coffee before I walk out of the house or I just don't seem to be motivated...I am a routine orientated person so little things like skipping coffee can have day long adverse affects...
    So I came up with the bright idea of putting half a scoop of protein powder in my coffee.
    Duuuuude... its like having a sweet cup of hot chocolate ( or a Cadillac depending on what side of the bars your on) before leaving for morning workout...I get my coffee fix and put a little protein in the body to work off of...And I feel like I am cheating before a workout...but I'm not.
    Anyways like I said...probably not news around here but does the job in style for me!!!
    Give it a go if you have similar morning routines.

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    It's fine nothing wrong with caffein in the morning and a scoop of protein is hardly any calories. Don't sweat it

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