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    Egg White Pancake

    Another from

    Egg white Pancake

    6 egg whites
    2 Tbs lowfat pancake mix
    sugar free jam or cinnamon and Equal or Splenda

    Mix the egg whites with the pancake mix using a whisk. Heat a frying pan and spray with Pam. When the mixture is smooth place into the heated pan. Cover and cook until firm and golden brown. Flip the pancake to cook the other side. Once the pancake is cooked spread with jam or the equal and cinnamon.

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    That is a good idea

    Now this is a idea that I have never thought of. You see I often times buy pancake mix as my kids love to eat them. The only problem is that I only get them once every two weeks and most of the time I have pancake mix just lying around. I'm gonna try this tommorrow maorning. Thanks for the tip.


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    mmm mmm mmm
    tried em this morning and they were pretty tasty
    i added vanilla extract instead of the sweetner or jam and they turned out very good.

    thx cali i think i will be making these quite often now as i'm gettin pretty board with scrambled egg whites

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