Dippity – do-da Fruit Dip
( Creamy fruit dip with a hint of strawberry and orange flavor)

1 cup of marshmallow cream
4 oz light cream cheese, softened
˝ cup low-fat, strawberry –flavored yogurt **
1 tsp frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed

In a small bowl, beat together marshmellows cream and cream cheese on medium speed of a electric mixture. Beat until smooth. Add the yogurt and the orange juice concentrate. Beat on a low sped until well blended

Cover and refrigerate dip for 1 hour before serving

Makes about 1-1/2 cups

Hint:* Use fruit bottomn yogurt in this recipe for a thiccker dip. Stirred yogurts tens to produce a dip that is runny.

Nutritional Values- 87 calories
1.7 grams of fat
1 gram of Sat Fat
1.5 grams of protien
16.8 grams of carbs.
0 grams of fiber
3.3 mg cholestrol
66.8 mg sodium
% calories from fat = 18

Try this one out for those late night snacks.