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    Getting my ducks in a line(Proposed cycle 3rd)

    12-16 week cycle with
    500mg/week test,
    500-600mg/ week eq,
    60-80mg of anavar

    Keep in mind I will be doing mostly CrossFit with quite a bit of strength sessions.

    I have read and heard from many friends although hearing from a doc would be better which I will be attemping to obtain this time.

    I'm wondering if I need to run HCG my entire cycle? And as for nolva. How much would be ideal for my above cycle?
    er in th1
    Any ideas for SERM? I'm not the most knowledgeable but I figure exhausting this resource will do me much better in the long run.

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    Maybe you should get your ducks in a line and try posting under the correct forum section? None of those things are SARMs .

    Sorry. That said, yes, I would run HCG the entire cycle. The point of HCG is to prevent or limit your natural production of testosterone from shutting down. Running HCG through out the cycle should help you to recover faster when you are done. It should also prevent/limit your balls from shrinking because the HCG sends luteinizing hormone to them to tell them to keep working. And it's relatively cheap. I don't know why someone wouldn't use it on cycle. Run about 500ius of HCG every 5 days for the entire cycle.

    As for Nolva, no don't run that or other SERMs on cycle, save that for PCT. Run an AI on cycle. Either Arimidex (0.25 mg EOD) or Aromasin (12.5 mg EOD). The point being to prevent the excess testosterone from aromatizing into estrogen. High estrogen levels are bad and cause the majority of the negative side effects normally attributed to AAS.

    Then make sure you have PCT ready for when you're done. The standard PCT recommended is to run both Nolva and Clomid for 4 weeks at (40/40/20/20 mg per day for the Nolva and 100/100/50/50 per day for the Clomid). Also research other threads for the best start time for PCT.

    Also, even though Anavar is one of the milder hepatoxic oral steroids , I would also probably run a liver protection substance with it as well. Something like UCDA, Liver Juice, or one of many others. But, not just regular milk thistle, because that doesn't absorb very well.

    Also, the standard recommendation to get blood work before and after to ensure you're reacting properly and know that you've recovered when finished.
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